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Introducing The Parody Section E-mail
Written by Harry Potter Hater   

After a long silence, we just added a "Parody" section to HarryPotterHaters.com . Thanks a ton Reida Wentworth for initiating this effort by providing us a full copy of her hilarious "Henry Putter and the Stone of the Sorcerer"

We just posted the first chapter "The Boy Who Lived" here. The rest to follow very soon.


Henry Putter and the Stone of the Sorcerer : Chapter 1 - The Boy Who Lived E-mail
Written by by Reida Wentworth   

Mr. and Mrs. Dunsly of Number Four Drivel Drive, were proud to say they were perfectly normal in every single way. They owned a brand new home--so new the trees surrounding it were as small as shrubs and their lawn was mowed so frequently it was bald. Their house proudly stood among all the other bland houses and if you didn;t know the house number you could easily find yourself parked at your neighbor's house ten houses down. There was no way of telling which house was yours since they all looked the same. Nothing unusual or eyecatching was in their flower beds, either, just the usual daisies and marigolds, and the Dunslys were quite content that they drew no attention to themselves whatsoever. That was what normal people did, you see. They blended in, they never stood out of the crowd.


A Love Hate Email E-mail
Written by Harrry Potter Hater   

Recently got this email from a lover hater boy. Quite cute indeed :)



You do realise that Harry Potter owns Twilight?

And that this is merely a hate website whereas Twilight has a factual, interesting "twilightsucks.com", like, it's REAL, and who can blame them- true- whereas this site is just for those biased, narrow-minded idiots who just hate HP for no particular reason?

Oh, and may I add, on the A&R Top 100 bestsellers, HP is still on top of the charts? (Oh, and yeah, Twilight is only 2nd)???

I know that I'm taking this personally, but being 15 years of age, and being obsessed with HP since year 2 may sound pretty pathetic, I must say that whoever invented this site suffers from fnsahjlgnardyugbaeg-syndrome.

(Not quite sure what I just wrote but anyway).

Oh, and the poll- "Do you hate HP"?-> Is that referring to the story and characters, or Daniel Radcliffe? Cos I won't deny the fact that Dan is a crap actor not to mention drop-dead fugly, but if making a poll, be sure to invest one next time in the actual book, because everyone agrees Dan is NOT cute, but HP in general? [pwns] all.


She Hates, She Hates Not ! E-mail
Written by Harry Potter Hater   

Does she like Harry boy, or not? She sounds like, she doesn't know either.


Harry Potter Sucks - on PetitionSpot.com E-mail
Written by Harry Potter Hater   

I didn't like the way it's setup, but still it's an interesting place to check on Harry Potter hate comments Yell


Harry Potter Book Sizes E-mail
Written by Harry Potter Hater   

 Interesting analysis... 

Prof. Alan Kaminsky
Rochester Institute of Technology -- Department of Computer Science

After publishing the first four Harry Potter books, author J. K. Rowling was on a roll. The book sizes were growing exponentially, and the fifth book was projected to be over 1,800 pages long, as shown on the graph below.


Kobe ! What did you do? E-mail
Written by Harry Potter Hater   

 Kobe Bryant on Jimmy Kimmel talking about his love on Harry Potter. He says, he didn't wait in line to get the book, but I think he did Tongue out

Harry Potter Hater in a Fan Forum. Part II E-mail
Written by Administrator   

My adventure at the Harry Potter Fan forum site took shorted than I anticipated. I was able to sustain my patience limits for only 29 posts in that "NO HUMOUR" zone. 

My satyric humor filled posts were largely misunderstod and taken seriously. That makes me wonder, if those kids really believe in high speed air chases on stupid sticks... Poor souls...

Such an Insult to Jack Bauer E-mail
Written by Administrator   

A fearless author Adam Hoff  tries to compare Jack Bauer of 24 and Harry Potter. This is an outrageous insult to Jack Bauer, unbelivable.

Mr. Hoff states in this blog "However, one of the good things to come out of my daily ponderings of 24 is that I've stumbled on a striking similarity between Jack Bauer, CTU Agent extraordinaire, and Harry Potter, boy wizard. This may seem like an odd pairing, but just check out the evidence." 

Here are the striking similarities between a world class hero and that stupid boy. How dare one can mention the two in the same article :)

Bizzare Theatrical Harry Potter Act E-mail
Written by Harry Potter Hater   

 What was she thinking ? This is what Harry Potter does to you people...WAKE UP :)  

Harry Potter Hater in a Fan Forum. Part I E-mail
Written by Administrator   

Not that I wanted to troll the Harry Potter Fan forums, but to see what's actually going on in those "love" sites; I visited one . Indeed, I registered with a pretty provocative name for that forum "harrypotterhaters".

And introduced myself in the "Introductions" thread. Read on to see what happened to me :)

Hating Harry Potter E-mail
Contributed by Harry Potter Hater   

 My dislike and annoyance against Harry Potter is not due diligence. Never read any of the books, and seen one of the movies (ok, I've seen 10 minutes of one them)

Simpsons & Harry Potter E-mail
Contributed by Harry Potter Hater   

 Bart should've killed that Potter boy...Dammit Bart :P

South Park & Harry Potter E-mail
Contributed by Harry Potter Hater   

 South Park voices on Harry Potter movie. Oh nooo they killed "Harry" .... :)

Harry Potter Haters on MySpace E-mail
Contributed by Harry Potter Hater   

 Ok, I am not a fan of MySpace either but I felt the need to create a MySpace account for Harry Potter Haters. Here is the link...



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